Our Services

Our remote team of UI and UX designers, developers and CRO consultants at Moken pride themselves on working closely with companies worldwide to deliver better experiences and products. Let’s talk about how our services can add value to your company.

User Interface Design

Visual Design for Responsive Websites,
 Web Apps and Native App Design

User Experience

Information Architecture, User Flow Mapping, Content Strategy, Wireframing and Prototyping

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Data Analysis, Reporting, Statistical Analysis and Consultation

Development Solutions

Development Consulting, Front-end Development, CMS Development

A/B Testing

Variation Testing, Heat Mapping, Engagement Strategy

Let’s Work Together

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Our Values

Building meaningful and engaging digital experiences is not only about hiring the best agency or dedicating the most skilled team. It's also about choosing the one that will be able to make the most out of your idea and that will push it further than you could have imagined.


Remote working is at the heart of Moken, our company culture reflects our nomadic spirit.


We consistently deliver quality work to clients, hop on a call with us and let's talk through your project.


It's not all work and screens, we take time out to connect with the real world and to travel. We think this connection with nature shines through to the experiences which we create.

When we take on a new project at Moken there are no limitations set, just one clear deliverable that you could summarise as ‘Make something useful, make it great and fall in love with what you’re making’.