A quotation, booking and feedback system for transport providers and customers.


‘Whether you’re moving home, delivering a parcel or your grand piano, Truckk offers you a secure quote system to find the perfect transport provider for the job.’

Fully responsive website and mobile application solution for Truckk; a hub for Customers to find the best quote on their next move, and bidding system for Transport Providers.

UX design

Wireframing for Transport Providers to start with meant evaluating the process of finding a job which fits their criteria. A filter and sort area was added to the sidebar of the page, allowing Providers to narrow down and specify their search for available jobs. Viewing the details of each job will then determine if they were to Submit a Bid, which would then be sent to the customer. Once a job has been completed, the Provider would mark it as ‘Completed’.

Desktop Design

As a site with a public-facing landing page and search engine, it was important that once the customer had entered their move details that it would be a smooth and quick experience to submit their job. Once submitted, Providers could then easily find the job, place a bid for it and wait for a response from the customer. Our newly built payment system for Truckk allows customers to pay the service fee with ease, allowing the job to go ahead. A feedback feature upon completion allows for stronger Provider ratings.

Image: A customer can posting a job in just a few steps, including adding specific times and people required for loading.

Vetting the Providers

To ensure a secure and trustworthy service, each Transport Provider upon sign up would need to submit documents to prove they’re insured etc. Our collaboration with Truckk allowed for a secure and accessible back-end admin area to be created for the internal team to vet each Provider. Once approved by the Truckk team, Providers could use the full service.

Image: Full sign-up view for Transport Providers, which would then get vetted by the Truckk team.

The benefits of Truckk are displayed above the fold of the page to further engage and entice the user to Sign-up.

Mobile Design

With a variety of features such as bidding, booking and payment systems built into desktop, we successfully optimised each user journey for mobile. Preparing for the app, we had a set of effective responsive designs we could use and a range of on-brand illustrations such as the below for the Customer ‘How it works’ step-by-step guide.

Native App Design

The Truckk app is solely used by Transport Providers so they can place bid on-the-go, view the bids which have won and lost, but also keeping track of which jobs they have completed via marking the job as ‘delivered’. Keeping to a light user interface with strong iconography and a stacked overview of bids, the lightweight app quickly allows users to maintain and build upon their current portfolio of jobs whilst on the move.

Animation: Interaction of the Bid listings within the Truckk app

Moken were great to work with. The team understood the requirements and took true ownership of the project adding in valuable advice. I would recommend Moken as their services and delivery was second to none.

Amit Patel - Chief Operations Officer, Skillstream

The Results

With the full website and app built in-house with Moken; ourselves and Truckk were able to create a consistent end-to-end experience for all users across both platforms. From bidding dashboards, payments and quirky notifications, the complete solution has flare, clarity and is accessible for all, and has become a mean contender in the logistics market.

Scope of the Project

Truckk teamed up with us for the following:

UI Design
UX Design

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