A set of 5 prestigious private schools throughout North London.


With an expansive history and a nurturing philosophy to education, the family of schools came to us wanting a new approach. With the goal of welcoming new pupils to their prestigious locations, our brief was to create a range of designs for the website to enhance their reputation. These included a splash page, a re-imagined site-wide navigation and a brand new homepage.

We worked responsively to create a well-rounded experience across all devices.

UX design

A well balanced homepage was key to delivering information in the correct order and format. To ensure this was achieved we created a range of wireframe designs which structured the information before moving into the interface designs. It was important that we not only delivered key information across this page, but presented key USP’s to attract potential parents looking for their child’s schooling.

A full-width approach to the imagery helped showcase the immersive image library to help users gain insight into life at the school.

Splash Page

To showcase the range of schools on offer for the various ages and to introduce the school as a whole, we created a splash page which would show upon landing on the site. With large imagery and a bold use of the brand’s colour palette, we were able to enhance key information on the page and lead users through a journey of progression through the set of schools.

A full-width approach to the imagery helped showcase the immersive image library to help users gain insight into life at the school.
To keep the pages short and to maintain the structure and order of the content we introduced a range of carousels and interactive areas on smaller devices.

Mobile Design

Through delivering adaptable templates for each school homepage, this allowed us to experiment with imagery and the order of the content. With the Head of each school having a prominent placement underneath the hero area, this introduces each school effectively and draws the user on to read further down the page.

Moken were great to work with. The team understood the requirements and took true ownership of the project adding in valuable advice. I would recommend Moken as their services and delivery was second to none.

Amit Patel - Chief Operations Officer, Skillstream

The Results

The strong delivery of information and key actions throughout the designs have enabled us to create beautifully responsive templates which highlight each school’s USPs and prestigious features; along with a splash page to introduce the schools via a progressive and dynamic timeline design.

Scope of the Project

UI Design
UX Design

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