A suite of staff rostering applications for use by NHS health trusts


Clarity required a new competitive visual edge for their rostering web applications. In partnership with Skillstream we set out to transform their current look and feel into an interface that would place them on a pedestal within their industry.

It was necessary to reconsider each screen in it's mobile and tablet form to ensure a fluid performance of the app across multiple devices.

UX design

During the UX stage of the project we worked to create wireframes which reflected the complex sets of data that were required to be displayed in a user friendly format. The apps were also complex in structure meaning that the mobile navigation could be a challenge - in order to tackle this we devised a mobile navigational structure that was 3 levels deep.

Desktop Design

Optimising the space available for the desktop version was key in creating an experience that is encompassing as well as on brand. The desktop navigation seen in the left panel whilst isn't traditional does provide Clarity users with a permanent view of their location within the app allowing other information such as notifications to become more visible within the top header.

Image: Desktop screens
Image: Mobile screens for Clarity

Mobile Design

Translating the ui style from desktop to mobile came naturally due to our prior UX planning - we added in interactive feedback for the the user on touch and also when waiting for data to load, this completed the fully immersive experience that we had set out to achieve.

Moken were great to work with. The team understood the requirements and took true ownership of the project adding in valuable advice. I would recommend Moken as their services and delivery was second to none.

Amit Patel - Chief Operations Officer, Skillstream

The Results

This project resulted in a happy client as well as a long standing partnership with our friends over at Skillstream.

Scope of the Project

UI Design
UX Design

Image: Q&A step within chosen topic

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